What is SPRINT

Space is a $350 billion industry that underpins many elements of modern lives from global positioning system to weather forecast, which is estimated to grow to $2.7 trillion by Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the next three decades[1]. To drive this fast-growing economy in the UK, the £4.8 million SPRINT programme seeks to engage 400 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK, and provide support to 150 of those over three years. SPRINT aims to deliver +£70 million Gross Value Added (GVA) and 500 jobs in support of the UK space sector growth strategy, and will allow UK SMEs to:

– Access the SPRINT knowledge base and work with SPRINT partners to innovate, accelerate technologies and develop novel products/services.
– Interact with other support structures such as the Satellite Applications Catapult (SAC) and regional SME growth projects.
– Support space and space-enabled businesses to scale up through the development of links with funders and investors.

The SPRINT funding is part of an investment of £67 million through Research England’s Connecting Capability Fund in new collaborative projects to drive forward world-class university commercialisation. This exciting programme will act as a catalyst to transform the ways that universities and industrial partners collaborate, working to boost economic growth, jobs and prosperity by delivering market-led solutions to the space and space enabled economy. The five SPRINT core partners are the Universities of Edinburgh, Leicester, Southampton, Surrey and the Open University. Other partners involved include the UK Space Agency (UKSA), SAC, Seraphim Capital, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) and the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

[1]  Source: https://spacenews.com/a-trillion-dollar-space-industry-will-require-new-markets

SPRINT is a £4.8 million programme from five of the UK’s leading space universities to support SMEs in commercially exploiting technologies, data and expertise developed for space. The university partners in the SPRINT programme (Edinburgh, Leicester, Open University, Southampton and Surrey) together have unparalleled space expertise, especially in space missions (building and operating satellites; acquiring, analysing and interpreting data).

With a 150 areas of specialist expertise (applications, facilities, knowledge, technology, training), the programme will provide innovation vouchers to help SMEs exploit space technologies in a wide range of commercial activities, including:

– Space products / technologies to the space sector
– Space technologies deployed in non-space markets and applications
– COTS and non-space technologies deployed in space markets

The SPRINT programme is supported by a wide range of external partners, including prime contractors, constellation operators, finance, space agencies and support organisations. Together with the universities, they will help SMEs to:

– Access a wide range of space expertise and support to innovate and develop novel products/services.
– Interact with organisations such as the prime contractors, agencies and support organisations to accelerate commercial exploitation.
– Obtain support to scale up businesses through the development of links with funders and investors.

SPRINT is a unique opportunity for SMEs to access support for space technologies which can create innovative new products and services that will transform their commercial future.

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